Bespoke Candle Edition for ACCA

ACCA - Australian Centre of Contemporary Art Bespoke Candle Edition.

At Ancient Candle Co., we take pride in our dedication to creating bespoke sculptural candles that embody the essence of artistic expression. Recently, we had the privilege to collaborate on a remarkable project with The Australian Centre of Contemporary Art for their time-based artistic installation by international artist Jeremy Deller.

ACCA - Australian Centre of Contemporary Art Bespoke Candle Edition.

Father and Son Installation

‘Father and Son’ is not merely an artwork; it's a profound exploration of power dynamics and generational shifts, inviting the public to engage in introspection under the gentle glow of its symbolic candlelight. Our task was to craft a bespoke candle edition that resonated with the installation's themes, ensuring each piece captured the essence of Deller's vision.

Crafting the Vision

Drawing from our expertise in sculptural candle design, we meticulously translated Deller’s allegorical depiction into tangible forms of wax and wick. Every detail, from hand pouring to the selection of fragrances, was a testament to our commitment to artistic integrity and craftsmanship.

ACCA - Australian Centre of Contemporary Art Bespoke Candle Edition.

Artistic Collaboration

Collaborating on such projects isn’t just about creating candles; it’s about understanding and interpreting the artist’s narrative through a medium that enhances their vision. It requires a blend of creativity, technical skill, and a deep appreciation for the artistry behind the work.

ACCA - Australian Centre of Contemporary Art Bespoke Candle Edition.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We pride ourselves in pushing the boundaries of candle design to transform spaces and elevate experiences. Whether it’s a bespoke creation for a renowned artist or a personalized piece for your home, each bespoke candle is crafted with the same passion and dedication to excellence.

Client Testimonial

‘We engaged the Ancient Candle Co. for a bespoke commission by an international artist. There were lots of challenges to the project, including tight timelines, pandemic pivots, and a need for a high level of sensitivity and discretion. Yvette was at all times warm and professional, prompt in all communications and very easy to work with over distance. She went above and beyond to test colours and scents, and to advise on packaging options, and we couldn’t have been happier with the final product. I would highly recommend the Ancient Candle Co’s services and look forward to working with them again.’

ACCA - Australian Centre of Contemporary Art Bespoke Candle Edition.

Explore Our Collection

As we continue our journey of artistic collaboration, we invite you to explore our collection and experience firsthand the magic of bespoke sculptural candles. Join us in celebrating artistry in every flicker of light and scent and discover how we can bring your unique vision to life.

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