Custom Candles for Wedding Favours

Custom Candles for Wedding Favours: The Perfect Personalised Touch for Your Big Day

As couples look for ways to make their weddings stand out, custom candles for wedding favors have become a popular choice. These personalised tokens not only enhance the atmosphere during the celebration but also serve as cherished mements long after the event. Ancient Candle Co., with its expertise in creating bespoke, sculptural candle designs, offers a range of customisation options that make these candles a perfect fit for any wedding theme.

A hand holding a beautifully designed, large sculptural candle with a twisted pattern. This candle, an example of custom candles for wedding favours, showcases the unique and artistic craftsmanship of Ancient Candle Co.

Why Choose Custom Candles for Wedding Favours?

When it comes to wedding favours, custom candles are a top choice for several reasons:

Personalisation Options: Ancient Candle Co. offers a variety of scents, designs, and labels to ensure your candles perfectly match your wedding theme. Whether you want a specific fragrance that evokes a special memory or a unique design that complements your décor, the options are endless.

Unique Touch: Custom candles add a unique and personal touch to your wedding. They reflect your individual style and the special bond you share with your partner. Each candle can be tailored to include your names, wedding date, or a heartfelt message, making them a memorable part of your celebration.

Long-Lasting Keepsake: Unlike many other wedding favors, candles are long-lasting. Guests can take them home and enjoy their lovely scent and beautiful design for weeks or even months after the wedding, serving as a constant reminder of your special day.

Artistic and Sculptural Designs: Ancient Candle Co. specialises in creating artistic and sculptural candles that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. From their signature torso range to contemporary designs inspired by ancient works of art, these candles are true pieces of art that stand out as unique wedding favours.

A beautifully designed sculptural candle in a knot shape, lit and displayed on stone blocks. This candle exemplifies the unique custom candles for wedding favours created by Ancient Candle Co.

How to Choose the Perfect Custom Candle

Factors to Consider (Size, Scent, Packaging): Think about the size of the candles, the scent that best represents your theme, and the packaging that will impress your guests. Each element plays a crucial role in creating a cohesive and memorable favour.

Popular Scents and Their Significance: Certain scents evoke specific emotions and memories. Consider popular wedding scents like lavender for relaxation, vanilla for warmth, or citrus for freshness, and choose one that resonates with your wedding atmosphere.

Custom Label and Packaging Ideas: Custom labels and packaging add a personal touch to your candles. Whether you opt for a simple monogram, your wedding date, or a heartfelt message, these details make your custom candles for wedding favours unique and special.

Where to Order Custom Candles in Australia

When searching for the perfect custom candles in Australia, Ancient Candle Co. stands out as a premier choice. Here’s why:

Bespoke Candle Manufacturing Service

Ancient Candle Co. offers a complete bespoke manufacturing service, ensuring that every candle is tailored to your specifications. From 3D design and printing to hand-pouring, every step is meticulously handled in-house.

The Ordering Process at Ancient Candle Co.: Ordering custom candles is a seamless process at Ancient Candle Co. Start with a consultation to discuss your vision, followed by design approval, production, and finally, delivery. Each step is designed to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Customer Testimonials and Success Stories: Hear from our delighted customers who have made their special events even more memorable with custom candles from Ancient Candle Co. These testimonials reflect our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Collaborative Process and Unique Designs: At Ancient Candle Co., we believe in collaboration. We work closely with our clients to turn their artistic visions into reality. Our unique designs and attention to detail ensure that your custom candles are truly one-of-a-kind.

An intricately designed sculptural candle with smoke rising from its wick, displayed on stone blocks. This candle highlights the artistic custom candles for wedding favours available from Ancient Candle Co.

Custom Candles Beyond Weddings

Custom candles are not just for weddings. They make wonderful gifts and branding tools for a variety of occasions:

Using Custom Candles for Corporate Gifts and Branding: Custom candles are an excellent choice for corporate gifts. They can be branded with your company’s logo and customized to reflect your brand’s identity, creating a lasting impression on clients and associates.

Other Events and Occasions Where Custom Candles Make Great Gifts: From anniversaries and birthdays to baby showers and holiday parties, custom candles add a special touch to any event. They are versatile gifts that guests will love and cherish. 

Seasonal and Holiday-Themed Custom Candles: Celebrate the seasons and holidays with themed custom candles. Whether it’s Christmas, Easter, or any other festive occasion, Ancient Candle Co. can create beautiful candles to suit the theme.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Far in Advance Should I Order Custom Candles for Wedding Favours?:

    • We recommend placing your order at least 3-4 months in advance to ensure ample time for design, production, and delivery.
  2. Can I Choose Multiple Scents and Designs for My Order?:

    • Absolutely! We offer a wide range of scents and designs, and you can mix and match to suit your preferences and wedding theme.
  3. What Is the Minimum Order Quantity for Custom Candles?:

    • Our minimum order quantity varies based on the design and complexity. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.
  4. How Do I Ensure the Candles Match My Wedding Theme?:

    • Our team will work closely with you to understand your wedding theme and preferences, ensuring that the final product perfectly complements your special day.


Custom candles from Ancient Candle Co. offer a unique and personalised touch to your wedding favours, making them a memorable part of your celebration with our Custom Candles for Wedding Favours. With high-quality materials, bespoke designs, and a collaborative process, our candles are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Explore our custom candle options today and place an order to add a touch of elegance and individuality to your wedding.